LE CREE Headlamp LED Flashlight for Camping, Running, Hiking, Reading, 4 Modes LED Headlamps, Battery Powered Helmet Light, Hands-free Camping Headlight, 3 AAA Batteries Included


Product Features

  • INSTANTLY IMPROVE YOUR VISIBILITY WITH HANDSFREE, BRIGHT LIGHTING - Why struggle to hold a flashlight while you need both hands to perform the task at hand? How much easier would tasks, walks or jogs at night be with two free hands?
  • YOUR UP-CLOSE DETAIL WORK AND LONG-DISTANCE VIEWING IS NOW A BREEZE - Wouldn't it be nice to have bright, dependable light shining right where you need it, without risking neck strain? The sturdy headlamp body tilts up to 90-degrees, allowing you to focus light where you need it. Plus, the 4 light modes ensure you get the exact level of brightness you need for any use through single button control.
  • SUPER BRIGHT, COMFORTABLE & DURABLE - Why equip yourself with anything but the best and most comfortable headlight? 78 Lumen of darkness-busting power for up to 50 feet of visibility. Secure and adjustable headband ensures comfortable fit without "bobbing" or brain squeeze.
  • BONUS: You get 3xAAA batteries for FREE! Perfect gift for family/friends to make their life easier! Order 2 and give one to your friend!
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Product Description

Hands-Free, Bright Lighting for Indoor & Outdoor Activity

Are you tired of fumbling around in the dark, holding a flashlight while you tackle a household project,
clean things up or go for a walk? Look no further as LE offers the best solution for your hands-free lighting!

Headlamp for Practical Things and Provides Safety & Security

– Camping, running, caving, fishing, biking and other outdoor sports.
– Construction, household work and professional use.
– Automotive roadside safety, auto repair.
– Power-outage convenience and home security.

Provide 4 light modes to ensure you get the exact level of brightness you need for any use

– 2 White LED (Power Save)
– 10 White LED (Bright)
– 18 White LED (Ultra Bright)
– 2 Red LED (Flashing).

Instantly Improve Your Visibility

– Sturdy headlamp body tilts up to 90-degrees, allowing you to focus light as needed.
– The beam remains fixed in your preferred position.
– Shock-resistant, ultra-strong glass lens.
– Up to 10 hours of battery life (using Power Save mode).

Your Life Made More Comfortable with the Lightweight Headlamp

– Easy-to-use single button control.
– Easily adjustable elastic headband to fit any head size.
– Fits around head, hat, helmet, bike or belt.
– Long LED lifetime up to 50,000 hours.


About LE
Lighting EVER, abbreviated to LE, focuses on creating the best lighting experience.
Only high end LED and advanced optical design are adopted. Enjoy lighting with LE.

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